How To Destroy A Taweez (Amulet)

There are a variety of different methods you can use.


1) Throw the taweez / amulet into running water – this is what has been mentioned in the majority of books in english on this subject


2) Burn the taweez – sometimes this can “activate” the taweez so be careful of doing this


3) Cut or shred the taweez into small pieces, making sure all shapes etc have been destroyed. Collect the small pieces and burn them whilst reciting sura falaq / nas – in my opinion this is the best way because cutting the taweez into illegible pieces will remove its effect insha’Allah and will destroy the contract, and burning it will destroy it much quicker than throwing into water.


4) If the taweez is written/engraved – then scrape off the inscriptions and burn (if possible) or throw into running water / sea


5) DO NOT bury or just throw them away, as the contract may still be active if it is not completely destroyed


Please note: If the “peer” or “maulana” told you to burn it then do not use method 2 as you are doing what they want and this will activate the taweez. If in doubt or if you can’t remember what they said, then simply place your trust in Allah and use method 3.


Be sure to untie any knots you find in the string and ensure you are in wudhu and have recited ayatul kursi and the last three surahs over yourself as protection before you open it.

And Allah Knows Best