Site Information And How To Use This Site

The purpose of this site: With an increasing number of people suffering with issues related to possession, magic and evil eye; it is more important than ever to ensure that authentic islamic knowledge on this subject is readily accessible in the english language. Many people turn to the “pirs” or “holy-men” to seek a cure but they do not realise that this actually makes them worse because the methods used are impermissible and usually involve acts of shirk. This site has been setup to be easy to use for those who do not have any knowledge of this subject. It can be daunting when faced with such issues because most of us have never come across them before; therefore this site is a reference point for seeking authentic knowledge. The key questions are all answered in video format making it easier to listen and understand.

How to use this site: The site has been divided into a collection of parts with key questions answered – Here is how to navigate through the homepage:

Main Slider: When clicked, each slide takes you to the relevant section e.g. clicking on the slide titled “Magic” will bring up information on that subject. The subject are: Magic / Jinn / Evil Eye / Ruqya / Diaries Of An Exorcist (a video-series dealing with my own personal experiences). Each section has a series of videos addressing different topics – if you want a good understanding of this subject; it is vital that you watch and understand these videos.

Ruqya Plan Button: This is one of the most important areas of the site. Clicking on it will take you to a self-treatment ruqya plan that is detailed step by step to make it as easy to follow as possible. When suffering, it is vital that we do as much as we can to seek a cure and no doubt, self-ruqya is one of the primary methods in this strategy. This is a 28 plan and once completed, it should be restarted. Please note; this plan is not enough if you are not praying or if you do not have the correct aqeedah (Islamic creed) – ruqya is not like a “pill” which you take once a day and then you improve. Ruqya is part of a bigger picture and you must rectify all of your affairs if you want a cure from Allah.

Ruqya Course: This is a multi-part series taught by myself and Muhammad Tim Humble and is probably one of the more detailed resources available in the english language pertaining to ruqya. It is vital that all of it is watched and understood – particularly if you are performing ruqya on family members / friends

Your Questions Answered: Other relevant questions are answered in written format

Other Lectures: Links to lectures on other topics by Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn. I advise people to watch topics pertaining to aqeedah first

Qur’an App: Clicking here allows you to listen to the Qur’an from a variety of reciters. This is useful for those who are seeking to memorise the Qur’an as it can be repeated continuously

Recommended Books: A small collection of books that I recommended you read. All of them are extremely beneficial – and perfection is with Allah alone

Coming For Ruqya: If you are visiting me for ruqya then you must read and agree to everything in this section

What this site is for: To enable you to learn about this subject and then carry out your own treatment programme. Also, to enable you to carry out ruqya on family members / close friends