On youtube you will find many videos of people who have recorded themselves doing ruqyah on a patient.

In these videos, the jinn is having a strong reaction to the recitation and is usually screaming or moving around in a violent way. There are several problems with such videos:

○ It makes the raqi look like someone special. He really isn’t. He is a normal person like all of us and he has NO special ability whatsoever. Jinn react differently to recitation for a variety of reasons; we should not post videos of jinn jumping up and down which make us look special. 

○ Sometimes a shaytaan will laugh at you when you recite and at other times there isn’t much of a reaction at all – however the brothers only post up videos which seem interesting. This gives a skewed picture of ruqyah to the people who don’t know any better and may lead to attachment to one particular raqi.

○ Many people have been scared off self-ruqyah due to these videos of violent reactions. They wonder how they will react and shaytan uses this as a tool against them.

○ In these videos we usually see the raqi doing fancy things over and above simple recitation of the Qur’an – leading the people to think that the Qur’an “is not enough” – when in actual fact we don’t need anything more than Qur’an.

○ These videos have become a means of self-promotion and are a form of self-praise. The raqi is misleading others into thinking he has treated many people when in actual fact this may not be the case and ALL CURE IS FROM ALLAH ALONE.

○ These videos serve no educational purpose whatsoever. I even know of videos being made and uploaded WITHOUT the consent of the patient. Such people should fear Allah and fear the day when they will be questioned about their actions.

It is for these reasons (and many more) that i advise you not to watch “live ruqya” sessions on youtube and I advise those who have uploaded them to fear Allah and take them down.