Why does a peer saab or magician or (fake) raqi need your name and your mother's name?

1) Each one of us has a qareen (a jinn that is with us, inviting us to sin) – using your name and mother’s name the magician can identify you

2) It is a way of causing lineage to be lost and degrading lineage – a child is known by the name of his father and this is how lineage is preserved. By calling you by your mother’s name, it also disregards who the father is – making it similar to the child born out of wedlock

3) The magician uses this information, giving each letter of your name a numerical value. He then refers this back to the tables of star signs and other tables used by magicians to ascertain what he needs to do with the magic e.g. should he bury it, burn it, put it in water, hang off a tree etc.

Be in no doubt. I repeat. Do not get it twisted. The one who needs your name and your mother’s name is seeking the aid of the jinn. If he asks for your name and your mother’s name, walk away and warn the people against him.