Ten Ways To Identify A Magician

1) Seeking the personal identity of the person by requesting to see the passport or national identity card so they can see his name and mothers name. Or they simply ask the name and mother’s name.

Comment: This is something that has been mentioned many times. This is extremely common and is a way for the magician to identify the person. This is also extremely common amongst those who claim to follow the Qur’an and Sunnah such as the Deobandis and Barelwis; this is one of the ways they seek the assistance of the jinn. See the “Notes” section of this page for more information.


2) He/she moves their lips without saying anything audible OR they mumble something which cannot be recognised.

Comment: A person may be mumbling something from the Qur’an and sunnah therefore he should be asked to raise his voice so that what he is saying can be clearly recognised. If he is legitimate he will not mind but if he is a fake he will become upset or angry. In reality, most of those who do this are mumbling the names of devils or shayateen, as will be mentioned soon, insha’Allah.


3) He/she will give you a peice of cloth or leather in which is a taweez

Comment: This has been discussed in detail. Taweez are loss upon loss. If you are wearing one then remove it immediately and destroy it. Click here to learn how to destroy a taweez


4) Sometimes the person will recite the Qur’an but mix it with words which are unfathomable and not from the Qur’an

Comment: This is how they try to disrespect the Qur’an by adding or removing from it. Anyone who does this knowingly and willingly is a kafir. They try to confuse the people into thinking they are holy or “pious” – note; the importance of understanding arabic and knowing what is being recited.


5) He/she will openly seek assistance from the devils by mentioning their names or calling upon them

Comment: Some names such as “badoo”, “fadoo” etc. This calling upon is major shirk. We can only call upon Allah in this way. The person may also do this in a disguised way as mentioned earlier.


6) He/She will give you blue beads or differed coloured beads

Comment: The colours of these beads is usually representative of what the magician wishes to achieve. For example. to cause someone to love another they will give red beads because red signifies love to them. Likewise, they will claim these beads are “holy” or possess some powers of healing or preventing harm. All of this is haram and can lead to major shirk.


7) If you approach his/her house, you will find blood stained hand prints on the entrance and on the walls of the house

Comment: This is blood from animals that have been sacrificed to the shayateen. You may not find it on the outside of the house if the magician is trying to remain undetected, but there will be a room or rooms in his house where he practices the magic and these rooms will have blood and/or defecation in them.


8) In many cases he/she will live in a derelict building

Comment: This is because the shaayteen usually live in places that are old and abandoned. They also live in areas of filth. Derelict buildings are a combination of all of these things. However, it should be noted that many magicians live among the people and practice their magic in and around our cities to try to avoid detection.


9) If you enter his house you will smell a foul smelling form of bakhoor

Comment: There is nothing wrong with burning bakhoor to make your house smell nice. However, the magician uses a foul smelling bakhoor to invite the shayateen into his presence. The foul smell will also be because magicians live in filth.


10) He/she may have swords / daggers / knives in the house

Comment: This is what they use to slaughter to the devils. These knives are then hung as a way of glorification of the act of slaughtering to the devils. These knives / daggers may also be used in the filthy sex-rituals that the magicians engage in.