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Praise is to Allah who caused our minds to be freed from such needless superstitions and omens. Here are some that I encountered while growing up, below....

● If someone walked over you, you'd stop growing
● You can remove evil eye by burning some spices
● Spitting on someone after complimenting them prevents them from getting evil eye
● If you don't close the mushaf after reciting, shaytaan urinates on it
● Shaytaan urinates on the prayer mat if you don't fold it after use

There are many more but I'll leave some for others to add because I'm sure we will have experienced similar things. Praise is to Allah who guided us to tawheed and away from falsehood.

Feel free to add your own experiences.......
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We have gotten to a point where downright liars are believed and the truthful ones are seen to be liars.

If you want to see the clearest example of this - look at the politicians. They literally tell lies to continue doing their jobs. This is exactly as the Messenger (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam) told us it would be.

Likewise we see "muftis" and "moulanas" doing the same thing, only they are lying about the deen of Allah, which is even worse.

In such times, be truthful, be upright, be honest and be sincere. It won't always be easy, but it is better in the end.
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