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A heart which is blackened by malice, hatred and envy is different to a heart that is blackened by sin.

A person who is sinning can make taubah and this is usually between him and Allah; meaning it is easier for him to repent. When he does that sincerely, his heart will be polished once again.

But the heart which feels malice towards people, becomes jealous and envious is different. This heart has a different kind of darkness. This heart is diseased and often goes on getting blacker and blacker.

Why? Because it's in self-reciprocating spiral of decline. It becomes venomous whenever it sees others or a particular person doing well, so it increases in darkness. This in turn makes the person more envious / malicious and they become more hate-filled. Eventually the person feels loss and unhappiness at any goodness which comes to others.

This is a dark place. A difficult hole to climb out of that will often lead to a person's destruction. Here are some tips to avoid falling into it:

1) Be happy for others. There is enough goodness to go around and just because some goodness has reached them, it doesn't mean you have been deprived of it.

2) Be content with the decree of Allah. This was ordained for them and not for you. In showing displeasure at their blessing you are actually showing displeasure to the one who decreed it.

3) Don't dwell on the blessings of othere too much. Focus on your own business.

4) This illness usually begins with a single thought. That thought leads to a chain of thoughts. That chain continues until it becomes a characteristic. That characteristic grows until it becomes your character. So curb the initial thought and seek forgiveness from Allah.

5) Love for others what you love for yourself.

I have seen and experienced people become so bitter that it is scary. This darkness envelopes their entire being like a cover over their heart. May Allah protect us.
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