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How many people say the kalimah of tawheed but it won't benefit them at all. Rather it is nothing but words emerging from their throats.

The mushrik won't benefit from saying laa ilaaha ilAllah even if he says it a million times.
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You're not reading this status by accident. Allah has decreed for you to be reading and He wanted you to see it so pay attention...

Allah loves you more than your own mother does. He is more Merciful to you than you are to yourself. He knows what is best for you. Allah loves it when you repent and He loves to forgive. Allah has blessed you with everything you have, and what you don't have is also a blessing from Him. He gives you countless opportunities to repent and turn back and He is quick to forgive.

You didn't read that by accident. Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) Willed for you to read it. So whatever your test and your weakness - turn back to Allah.
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There is a video that has been shared online that I would like to clarify. It is important to do so because it has been shared by an anti-Islamic organisation which seeks to misrepresent what is being said; therefore portraying myself, but much more importantly Islam, in a negative light.

In a series of videos explaining Aqeedah (creed), in one small part of a lesson, I mentioned that a Muslim must love for the sake of Allah and also hate for the sake of Allah.

So loving for the sake of Allah means loving all that He loves and hating for the sake of Allah means hating all that He hates. This is a basic concept of the religion and it is in line with both the texts of this religion and the intellect. Thus, a person loves what his creator loves and he hates what his creator hates.

However, hating does not mean becoming violent, launching terrorist attacks or inciting hatred. Hating means that a person is displeased (in a religious capacity) with things that are contrary to the Quran and Sunnah. For example, festivals such as Christmas, Diwali etc are contrary to the religion and are polytheistic festivals; therefore a Muslim cannot love them as they are symbols of polytheism - thus going against the very fundamentals of Islam.This does not mean becoming violent or inciting hatred if/when these festivals take place. Rather it means clarifying for the Muslims that such festivals have no link with Islam and it is *Islamically* impermissible to celebrate them - based on the reasons above.

Islam does not compel a person to believe anything. Whoever believes (in Islam) then it is for himself, and whoever chooses to disbelieve, then that is up to him. As Allah mentions in the Quran:

"There is no compulsion in the religion" (al Baqarah)

Sadly, in this video there are many comments which (somewhat naturally given the cut-and-paste nature of the clip and the lack of basic context) mention I am an extremist and links are drawn with ISIS and other terrorist groups. At this stage, any person with an intellect would watch my other videos which are available online and they would clearly see that I speak out against such groups and their affiliates; and i have done for many years.

For the sake of clarity, I am against terrorism of ALL kinds. Whether that is a man with a black flag blowing himself up, or a man shooting out of a hotel at concert-goers, a government murdering innocent civilians or even a gunman walking into a school and killing children - ALL forms of terrorism are incorrect and inhumane.

In our day-to-day lives, we come across people of various faiths and inclinations at every moment. Islam teaches us to be just, to deal with them in the best of ways and with the best conduct. Whether they are our neighbours, our customers, employers, employees or even just people we sit next to on the bus - every single interaction must be one of integrity and uprightness. This is the character of the Messenger Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam) - he taught us the best characteristics.

Due to the nature of the content being shared by/on this channel, i suspect they are enemies of Islam / Shiaa attempting to take general statements and put a negative/violent slant on them. The clip has clearly been altered to remove any context. It has also sparked much cursing of Islam and those things connected with it.

Islam is a balanced religion in every way and it teaches us to take the middle path. Islam is not a religion of revolutions and mindless behaviour, rather it is a codified way of life which guides man to the highest morals and etiquette. I hope this clarifies any doubts regarding the doctored clip.

Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn
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